Domestic Helper
Many Hong Kong families find it helpful to use the services of a domestic helper locally or from foreign countries. From cooking, cleaning to childminding, helpers are hired to assist in handling day-to-day household chores. As an employer of a domestic helper, it is required to obey the labour legislation of Hong Kong. After selecting the right candidate, a written employment contract with him/her should be entered into force. Under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance, it is also required to take out a valid insurance policy for the domestic helper to cover all the liabilities for compensation.

Domestic helpers can be either hired through an agency or hired directly by you. When hiring a domestic helper you must meet the following requirements:

  • Contracts can only be for a maximum period of two years.
  • Employee's minimum wage is HK$4,010 set by the Hong Kong Government.
  • Employer is responsible to pay the Employees Retraining Levy to the HK Government.
  • Employer is responsible for the Employees' medical expenses & for paying for the return of the Employees' body in case of death. It is mandatory to purchase a medical insurance policy to cover these potential costs.
  • Employer must provide living accommodation.
  • Employer must arrange a return air ticket and provide travelling allowance for employee to return home.
  • Employee has the right to have all labour holidays and the freedom to follow any religion.
  • Employee's work duties are restricted to the employee's home only.

Please Note: This information may change from time to time. Viewers should check directly with the HK Labour Dept for up to date information.
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